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Ser Integral (Integral Being): Portuguese Center for Mindfulness was founded in 2007 with the name Project Mindfulness Ser Integral by Dr. Carla Martins. It was the first center in Portugal offering mindfulness in a secular context and the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR). Our areas of mindfulness based interventions include the field of health and well-being for adults, children and adolescents, as well as, schools and companies.


Our mission is to promote holistic and integral services for emotional, physical and mental well-being. Our concept is based on the understanding that each individual is a unique human being and our approach is focused on the unique individuality of each person that comes to our center.


Life is a constant learning process in every dimensions of our existence. Living in balance and dealing with resilience and perseverance with the challenges that life presents, moment by moment, it's a unique opportunity for growth and development into higher and deeper levels of consciousness and understandings of ourselves, others and life.


We support each individual in this learning process and personal development, as well as promote the growth of one’s inner resources so that one can find natural balance, flourish and manifest one’s unique potentiality as an integral and whole human being.



Our paradigm of intervention is based on psychotherapeutic approaches as well as mindfulness-based interventions for health and well-being. We also offer professional trainings in the area of mindfulness in collaboration with some international Universities, Mindfulness Centers and colleagues in the field.


Each human being has the choice of how to walk in the path of life. Living in harmony and happiness is one’s right. Live consciously, be present in life and be yourself.







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