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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an eight week programme developed by Zindel Segal, Mark Williams and John Teasedale (2013) which has been shown to be effective in helping people at high risk of depression to stay well in a safe learning environment. MBCT was originally developed with a particular focus on people with recurrent depression who were at significant risk of relapse. (Segal, Williams, & Teasdale) It has been shown to be effective in numerous randomised controlled trials (Kuyken et al 2016).


MBCT for Life (MBCT-L) is an adaptation of the original MBCT programme that is designed to be relevant, effective and beneficial for all of us, not only those at risk of depression. The focus moves from preventing depressive relapse to helping a much broader spectrum of the population. The programme still offers a way of being that will reduce stress and improve mental health for many people, but is also designed to be beneficial for those who are functioning well and enjoying good wellbeing to develop resilience, realise their potential and to flourish.


The programme has been developed by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, part of Oxford University in the UK and is usually delivered in 8 x 2-hour lessons + a six hour workshop, although it can be delivered in other formats that meet the total number of hours of the program.


In the first half of the programme participants develop mindfulness skills that are intended to:

  • enhance attentional control, develop awareness, and cultivate attitudes of curiosity, care, patience, kindness and equanimity.
  • recognise unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour and develop new ways of responding more skilfully to unpleasant situations and experiences
  • rebalance the focus of attention and awareness to recognise and savour positive experiences.


In the second half of the programme, the emphasis is on helping participants apply what they have learned so far to everyday life.


The MBCT for Life programme offers an alternate way of being, a way of living that includes enjoying life to the full and realising our full potential, as well as dealing with distress and difficulty in a more helpful way when they arise.



The 8 x 2- hour lessons will be delivered over the course of 4 Saturdays with two sessions on each day and the full-day workshop will follow the 3rd Day (on a Sunday). 

This fortnightly format allows time for participants to fully integrate the material and practice their learning between the sessions of the programme.


Session 1 and 2 - 24th February

Session 3 and 4  – 10th March

Session 5 and 6 – 24thMarch

Full Day Workshop - 25th March (Sunday)

Session 7 and 8 - 7th April



Sessions running on Saturdays will include:

- Morning Session from 11am - 1pm

- Afternoon Session from 2.30pm - 4.30pm

There will be a lunch break between 1pm and 2.30pm, but no lunch will be served at the Center. Participants are invited to go outside or they may bring their own lunch.


Full Day Session: 11am - 5pm

There will be a lunch break  but no lunch will be served at the Center. Participants are invited to bring their own lunch.



Session 1

Waking up from automatic pilot. Beginning to notice the automatic, habitual, and often unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thinking that can prevent us from living life to the full and achieving our full potential. Practising paying attention on purpose, and noticing the potential this may have to transform our experience of everyday living.


Session 2

Another way of being: keeping the body in mind. Moving on from knowing about our experiences indirectly – mostly through thought and language and developing a new way of knowing experientially. This can provide us with a method of relating in a more de-centred and less reactive way to sensations, moods and thoughts.  


Session 3

Gathering the scattered mind. A busy mind can lead us into distress and away from joy and peace. In this session we learn to step out of these unhelpful states and ease us into being.


Session 4

Recognising reactivity. Seeing more clearly our own unhelpful reactions. Recognising and developing a more conscious relationship with our patterns of feeling thinking and behaving.


Session 5

Allowing and letting be. Relating more consciously to both pleasant and unpleasant feelings – practising allowing and letting things be.


Session 6

Responding skilfully: thoughts are not facts. Developing our capacity to see things more clearly, building our ability to choose appropriate skilful responses to situations as they arise.


Full Day of Practice

The day of practice allows an opportunity to deepen and broaden our mindfulness practice. To identify what works best for each of us individually. Building a deeper awareness of what mindfulness means for each of us and how best to integrate this into our lives.


Session 7

How can I best take care of myself? Using skilful action to take care of ourselves in the face of challenge and difficulty. Cultivating the mind in ways that support joy and flourishing.


Session 8

Mindfulness for life. Clarifying and embodying intentions and commitment.

Beyond the 8-week course: Resources for maintaining and sustaining practice beyond the 8 – week programme.


Participants will have access to audio recordings in mp3 format to be used during the MBCT-L program, as well as audio material to support the practice after the program ends.


All participants will complete a personal information questionnaire and will have a direct conversation via skype or telephone with the teacher before the program starts.





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Marion Furr is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher who trained to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at  Bangor and Oxford Universities.  Since 2011, as Chair of the UK Department of Health staff well-being programme she personally introduced Mindfulness to over 3,000 colleagues at the Department of Health and across the UK Civil Service as a whole.  Since moving to Portugal in 2016, Marion continues in her role as a Trustee for the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre (OMC) and as a member of the steering group for the Mindfulness Initiative – an advocacy project, aimed at increasing awareness of how mindfulness can benefit society. She runs Mindfulness programmes for groups and individuals, based at her home in the Algarve. Marion is an executive coach using both Psychometric and Mindfulness approaches for individual, group and organisational development.  Marion is governed by and conforms to the standards set by the UK British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Professions Council.



The program will be delivered in English without simultaneous translation into Portuguese. A good understanding of the language and ability to express your experience in english is required.



Ser Integral: Centro Português de Mindfulness

Rua Álvares Cabral, 50, Porto



Private Participants: 380 euros

Organizations: 380 euros + VAT (23%)


Payment will be completed in two installments: the first installment at the moment of registration in the total value of 190 euros and the second installment until the 1st of February.




All participants will receive a letter of participation given that they completed 100% of the program.

In case you miss a session you can speak with the Teacher about ways to compensate your absense in class.


This program is not a professional training and participation in this program does not entitle any professional qualification and you may not say that you are a mindfulness teacher or MBCT teacher. Nevertheless, the participation on the MBCT-L works as a pre-requisite to start the Professional Training as an MBCT teacher at the Oxford Mindfulness Center, Oxford University. More information here




This program will accept maximum of 12 participants. With this number of participants we aim to provide a sufficient and appropriate level of support to all participants throughout the  sessions to enable better integration and outcomes for the program.


As registrations are limited they will run until the 9th February 2018, but we advise registrations as early as possible.


To Register please send an email to geral@serintegral.pt indicating the name of the participant, contact numbername of the program and program dates you are interested in registering. Together with this information you should send us the proof of payment of the first installment in the total value of 190 euros (individual name) or 190 euros + VAT (organizations) that you should complete using the following bank details: IBAN: PT50 0035 0158 00018441030 71. Please send us your Tax Number for the receipt.




Cancellations requested until the 7th of January will be refunded in full minus the administration fee of 20 euros. If cancellation is requested up to two weeks before the program starts your registration can be transferred to another edition of the MBCT or MBSR programs. Cancellations on the day of the program starts or after starting are not entitled to reimbursement.




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